mental illness

What is mental illness?

Mental illness is a medical condition that drastically disrupts the lives of those who are diagnosed and that of their families. It can affect persons of any age, race, religion or income, causing major changes in the persons thinking, mood, and ability to relate to others and carry out activities related to daily functioning. Overall, there is a diminished capacity to cope with ordinary day-to-day life.

Although there is no cure for mental illness, the good news is that with support and education, recovery is possible. With medication, family and social acceptance and supports, a person can live a normal life in a community.

Common Mental illness

Common mental disorders are characterised by a mixture of medically unexplained somatic symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, aches and pains; behavioural symptoms such as sleep and appetite disturbances; and psychological symptoms such as loss of interest and thoughts of suicide.

Some of the common mental illnesses are anxiety and mild depression, among many more.

Severe Mental Illness

The Infographics below outline some severe mental illness, their symptoms and recovery processes.

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